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CW Signature Rewards Program 2017/2018 Closing Soon

Friday, June 22, 2018

CW Signature Rewards Program 2017/2018 Closing Soon! 

The Countrywide Signature Rewards Program for 2017/18 closes on Saturday June 30th, meaning the time is now to register online to beat the deadline at All redemptions must be completed online, and this year given there are more items available to redeem than ever before we encourage our eligible members to register and log into Countrywide as soon as possible. Please note even if you have registered for a previous Countrywide Rewards Program, you will still need to register before June 30 for the 2017/18 program. If you have any questions regarding logging into Countrywide or claiming redemptions, please contact Countrywide on 1300 639 033.