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Container Deposit Scheme (CDS)

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Container Deposit Scheme (CDS)

Introduction of Container Deposit Scheme (CDS) in NSW from 1 December 2017

As you may be aware, the NSW Government has made the decision to introduce a refund container deposit scheme (CDS) in the State from 1 December 2017 which they believe will help reduce the volume of litter in NSW by 40 per cent by 2020.

Under the NSW CDS, anyone who returns an empty eligible beverage container to an approved NSW collection depot or reverse vending machine will be eligible for a 10 cent refund.

On Friday 18 August 2017, Exchange for Change (the NSW-Government appointed Scheme Coordinator) announced the Scheme Costs associated with CDS.

The NSW CDS will apply to all NSW beverage containers designed to contain between 150ml and 3 litres in volume, subject to some exceptions.

What does this mean?

As the Scheme Coordinator requires drink manufacturers to fund the scheme one month in advance of the commencement date of 1st December 2017, all manufacturers will be implementing price changes in line with this timeline.

As of the 1st November 2017, all affected drinks will increase in price by $0.11 to $0.14 per container according to individual manufacturers before GST is added. If the item is GST applicable, you are then in fact paying GST on the Levy amount as well. This equates to increases of up to $3.36 per carton of 24 drinks plus GST if applicable on top.

If you have any questions in relation to the new Levy please call your Sales Representative or our Customer Service Team on 02 9644 0000.

For more information around the Scheme costs or CDS please visit the EPA NSW Website: